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63 Haffnera st, Sopot 81-715
phone number: (+48) 58 340 66 00
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The oldest settlement in Sopot

We invite you to visit the oldest settlement in Sopot, the branch of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, i.e. the historic stronghold located at 63 Haffnera street.


Medieval settlement, or what exactly?

The Stronghold in Sopot is a remnant of an early-medieval fortified settlement (gord).


What will you find on the spot?

This charming open-air museum is situated in a picturesque scenery of lush greenery and rustling streams. The reconstructed buildings of the settlement are presented here: huts, gate and partly - a palisade (fence made of wooden piles). All elements of the development were reconstructed exactly in the places where their relics were discovered, i.e. the remains of authentic elements of buildings existing in the past.


Popularizing archeology

The establishment of the open-air museum is in line with the currently propagated trend of experimental archeology. Its purpose is to protect archaeological monuments and to popularize history. The archaeological and historical festivals, which are organized annually, are especially conducive to popularizing history. They include a series of cultural and tourist events with a strong emphasis on the educational dimension of the entire undertaking. In addition, historical outdoor events, integration meetings of Polish and foreign youth are organized, and, above all, live history lessons for children and school youth are held here. At that time, workshops of old crafts come to life, there are numerous competitions, plebeian games, demonstrations of sword and ax fights, archery, weapons presentations, spectacular Celtic, Scottish and Irish dances and early music concerts.


An important point on the tourist route of Europe

The open-air museum in Sopot is an educational center promoting the history of early medieval Pomeranians. It is visited every year by thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad, also by all enthusiasts of Slavic and Viking traditions and customs.


Additional attraction: a modern exhibitions parlour

Right next to the open air museum, the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, together with the Commune of the City of Sopot, implemented the project "Construction of an exhibition and educational pavilion at Grodzisko in Sopot" co-financed by the European Union. A modern exhibition and educational pavilion allows to disseminate the culture and historical tradition, as well as enrich the exhibition and educational offer of the region.


What's inside?

There is a permanent exhibition of the oldest archaeological objects in Sopot. You will also find there a description of the prehistory of the southern zone of the Baltic Sea area, presented with the use of modern audiovisual techniques.
Moreover, there are workshops for children and adolescents offering practical classes consisting in recreating medieval crafts. Visitors of all ages can participate in a series of readings presenting early medieval history.


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