Making museum collections available

Archeological Museum in Gdansk makes its collections available for scholarly purposes and for exhibitions. We do not lend collections to private individuals.

Search queries performed in the museum by private individuals, institutions or companies are free of charge. It is possible to order, subject to a fee, a search query to be made by Museum employees.
The Museum reserves the right to refuse a search query in justified cases.
An application for a search query must be sent to Museum Director at least 1 month ahead of the planned date of query.
Consents to perform search queries are issued by Museum Director or by an authorized person.
The exact date of search query is to be agreed by telephone or by e-mail with the Head of the given Museum Department, upon receipt of the consent of the Director. 
An application for a search query must include the following information:

  • first name and surname
  • address
  • contact data (telephone no., e-mail address)
  • purpose of search query: exhibition, publication, academic thesis, other
  • subject of query
  • proposed date of query


Requests for lending museum collections must be sent to Director at least 6 months ahead of the planned time of exposition in case of museums located in Poland and at least 12 months ahead of the planned time of exposition in case museums located abroad. 
Request for lending collections must include the following information:

  • full name and address of the institution
  • purpose of lending (exhibition, deposit, research project, expertise, conservation)
  • the dates of taking over and return of the collections
  • contact data of the person responsible for the exhibition or lending of collections  (telephone no., e-mail address)
  • an attachment with a list of collections and their inventory numbers.

In case of exhibitions the application should also include:

  • the title of exhibition
  • the place of exhibition, description of the conditions of storage, exhibition and protection against fire and theft
  • the opening and the closing dates of the exhibition

Consents for lending collections are issued by Museum Director, subject to previous consultations with the curators, Chief Conservator and Chief Cataloguer.


The decision on lending collections depends on:

  • the time of filing the application
  • exposition plans of Archeological Museum in Gdansk
  • number of received applications
  • the state of preservation of the collections
  • fulfillment of the requirements as to the conditions of storage, exhibition and protection against fire and theft

The decision shall be sent to the applicant in writing within 14 days of the date of the application.
Before lending a collection Museum Director and the Borrower shall conclude a written loan agreement including:

  • the purpose of lending
  • the place of transfer of collections
  • the period of lending
  • the required conditions of transport,
  • the required conditions of storage
  • a list of collections, along with photographic documentation forming an integral part of the agreement.

Museums located abroad must send a Facility Report before lending collections.
The fact of lending is confirmed with a hand-over report.
The Borrower is fully responsible for the safety of the borrowed collection starting from the date of handing-over until the date of return of the collections to the Lender, confirmed with a report bearing signatures of authorized persons. The Borrower bears the costs of packing, transport and securing the collections against damage.

Applications for lending collections should be addressed to:

Ewa Trawicka
Director of Archeological Museum in Gdansk
ul. Mariacka 25/26 80-833 Gdańsk

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