Sopot „Stronghold”

The oldest monument of Sopot

Visit the oldest monument in Sopot which, at the same time, is a branch office of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, that is the “Hillfort” located at ul. Haffnera 63.

Settlement Reconstruktion? What is that?

I think everyone has heard the term before. What are the mystery settlement reconstruktion exactly? Here is the explanation...
The term "archaeological settlement reconstruktion" means remains of a fortified settlement (gord). It occurs in a form of a round or rectangular elevation.
The term "hillfort" is also used to indicate a large defensive settlement (gord).

What we can see there?

This picturesque archaeologic heritage park, also described as a museum under the stars is surrounded by lush greenery and murmuring streams.
It features reconstructed buildings of the gord, such as: huts, a gate and fragments of a palisade (fence made of wooden piles).
All the above elements were reconstructed exactly where their relics, that is the remains of the original constructions from the past, had been unearthed!

Popularisation of archaeology

Establishing the Heritage Park also fits into the currently popular trend of experimental archaeology. It is aimed at preservation of archaeological monuments and promoting history.
The latter goal is achieved by annual Archaeological and Historical Picnics. They include a series of cultural and tourist events which emphasise the educational character of the entire undertaking.
Moreover, there are historic outdoor events, integrational meetings for Polish and foreign youth, and, what is more, living history lessons for schoolchildren and youth.
There are workshops of old crafts, numerous old contests and games for the common people organized, visitors can witness a sword or an axe fight shows, archery, presentation of weapons and armoury, impressive Celtic, Scottish and Irish dances, as well as early music concerts.

An important spot on the European tourist route

The Heritage Park is a very attractive museum and educational centre promoting history and monuments of early middle ages in Pomerania.
Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad. Among them there are not only the residents of Tricity or schoolchildren but also all those passionate about Slavic or Viking traditions and customs.

Additional attraction – an exhibition and education pavilion

Next to the Heritage Park the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, together with the Gmina of the city of Sopot has implemented the "Construction of an exhibition and education pavilion next to the Settlement Reconstruktion in Sopot" project co-financed by the European Union.
The modern exhibition and education pavilion serves as a tool for promoting culture and historic tradition, at the same time widening the exhibition and educational offer of the region.

What is inside the pavilion?

The pavilion is a venue for the exhibition of the oldest archaeological monuments of Sopot. This collection is titled "The oldest days of Sopot".
It also features a description of the prehistory of the south part of the Baltic region presented with the use of cutting-edge audiovisual techniques.
Moreover, it houses workshops for children and youth (meeting the needs of individuals with a disability) offering hands-on classes connected with recreation of medieval crafts.
What is more, recipients of all ages can participate in a cycle of lectures on early medieval times.


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