Lookout tower

tomasz dunajski mariacka

Where is it?

A renaissance tower which crowns a massive bay window of the building (part of the building protruding from its facade) can be seen from the Motława River and ul. Mydlarska.
The tower is located at ul. Mariacka 25/26 in the Main Building of the Archaeological Museum.

Erection date

The tower and the building were constructed at the end of the 16th century.

Kto jest autorem budowli?

The entire building, including the 38-metre tower which is a perfect vantage point, was a Dutch architect, Antonis van Obberghen.

Functions of the tower throughout the centuries

The former owners, that is the merchants from Gdańsk, used it to observe vessel traffic in the harbour.
In 1845, the building was taken over by the Naturalist Society which led to construction of an astronomical observatory on the top of the tower.
Finally, the building destroyed by war and rebuilt between 1956–1961 became the seat of the Archaeological Museum.

Climbing to the top

To reach the vantage point you need to climb 142 steps (of which 31 are concrete, 10 wooden and those of the final vantage platform, that is 142 steps in total). If you manage to do so, you will see famous monuments of Gdańsk and an awe-inspiring panorama.

The tower is open every day

Tuesday – Sunday: during the exhibitions opening hours (details can be found in the opening hours tab)
Monday: 8:00–16:00 (September – June), 9:00–16:00 (July – August)

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